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Fermin Sifontes

My name is Fermín Sifontes I was born in Camaguey, Cuba.

Since childhood I have felt a lot of passion for music and I have been influenced by professional musicians and singers of my family. My home was always a gathering center for artists with a strong Cuban flavor.


At the age of ten I began my music studies at Luis Casa Romero School, and later I entered to the high school for the gifted in my native Joseph White Music School, Camaguey. During those years of intense studying and dedication, I discovered a passion for piano, harmony and composition.


Upon graduating, the Afrocuba Orchestra was interested in me so, I traveled to Havana and began my career as a pianist, arranger, composer, and singer for the band that influenced me and allowed me tremendous growth in international tours.


We did concerts in Europe and one of the highlights was the famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London).

We also toured several countries in Latin America and the end of it I decided to relocate in Montevideo, Uruguay. In that country I worked with very talented musicians and there the idea to become a singer came to me.

A few years ago I settled in California where I continue to grow in my career working as a pianist, arranger, choir, composer, and singer.


Some of the groups I have worked in are:


• Francisco Aguabella Orchestra (piano)


• Bayaló Oschestra, the orchestra of the great Celia Cruz (lead vocal)


• Mongorama Orchestra, nominated for a Grammy in 2011 (lead vocals)


• Charangoa Orchestra (piano, vocals, arranger, composer)


• AC Timba Orchestra (piano, arranger, composer)


• Conganas (piano, vocal, arranger and composer)

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